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About Us

Who We Are

In its early informal status, the Non-Executive Directors' Club was originally established in 2016 as a network for Non-Executive-Directors of listed and unlisted companies operating in Greece, to facilitate peer interaction and promote the exchange of thoughts, experiences and information on topics of corporate governance and board behaviour.

The Club’s focus was on practices and developments in corporate governance globally, with an emphasis to meet the on-going development & networking needs of its members, promote good director behaviour in Boards, and aimed to raise the corporate governance standards of Greek businesses through their Boards.

The Club also strived to promote the role of Directors and develop professional competence of its members. It was an informal network of people who shared common views and ideas on behaviours and challenges of board members. Consolidating its preliminary activity the Club operates as a legal entity, i.e. association, under the official name “The Non-Executive Directors’ Club in Greece” (NED Club in short) by an Annual General Meeting resolution of the 18th November 2019.

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