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About Us

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors exercises the management of the Association. It is responsible for managing (administering and disposing of) the Association’s assets as well as for representing it.

Conflicts of Interest

The BoD may not enter into employment or other agreements that involve receipt of pay with Board members or members of the family. Any violation of this provision shall lead to cessation of the members of the BoD who made the relevant decision.


Conflicts of Interest

Leda Condoyanni, Chair
George Christodoulakis, Vice-Chair
Dimitris Vergardos, Secretary General
Emil Yiannopoulos, Treasurer
Aris Dimitriadis, Member



The persons authorized to represent the association and execute and approve contracts on behalf of the association are Leda Condoyanni, Chair and Dimitris Vergados, Secretary General acting jointly or separately.

The Treasurer is authorized to make payments up to a certain amount on behalf of the association.

The delegation of signature and approval authority is permitted within a limited scope. 
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