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NED Club
"The NED Club is supported in its activities by PwC in Greece. The Club is also a full member of the European Confederation of Directors Associations (also known as Ecoda)"
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Greek Corporates face significant challenges in their effort to comply and create superior shareholder returns under the new corporate governance regime.

The only network for non-executive directors

The Non-Executive Directors’ Club in Greece (NED Club)- established in late 2019- is the association for non-executive board members, of listed and unlisted companies operating in Greece.  Based on national and international Corporate Governance good practices,  NED Club aims to facilitate peer interaction,  to promote the role of Directors and to develop professional competence of its members and raise the corporate governance standards of Greek businesses through their Boards.

Events For Business leaders and leadership

Organize events, virtual & live, to promote corporate governance awareness, knowledge and update on current practices.
Become Member

Become a member

Interested in becoming a member of this unique professional network? Join our community and be a part of a supportive group  that focus on covering the needs of its members both in knowledge and penetration in the emerging market of non-executive members, promote the importance of the proper conduct of the non-Executive Members in the Boards for the sustainable development of the companies.
Experience for Non-Executive Directors
You will have access to a range of important trainings and networking events that will help you develop your professional skills and career prospects.
We operate in a complex and fast moving world and as part of our Non-Executive Director role it is important we keep up to date

Become a Member

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